Twelve reasons why God is not a nice guy (or girl)

  1. Let’s start with the most obvious flaw of the whole creation myth. Allegedly, God has always existed and there was nothing before or without God. He is the creator of time and space, of everything material as well as immaterial. He is omnipresent and omnipotent and can foresee the future. Now, if you ask a religious person, most of them will say that everything nice and fascinating was made by God whereas everything wicked and ugly was caused by man since we chose to disobey God. How convenient! The problem of an all-powerful being, however, is that it saw everything coming since it can foresee the future. So even before the creation of human beings God knew about the Holocaust and Rwanda, about Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, about the plague, cancer, HIV, about rape, murder, and theft, about starving children, etc. The question therefore is: Did he not see that coming and therefore is not so powerful after all – or did he see it coming and still created the world and its beings full of flaws and evil intent? Why would he do that? As some kind of wicked entertainment for himself?
  2. Based on point one, why did God create hell? Why did he create Lucifer? Why did he create so much evil potential in the world? Why did he create beings that hurt, rape, and kill each other?
  3. Apparently, God has to admit once in a while that his own creation is flawed. What is his reaction to that? He wipes out all human beings except one family through a great flood. Well done my lord! That’s what I call a temper!
  4. One of the most wicked disadvantages that comes with Christianity is that it destroys the foundation of morality. Imagine you have killed someone and you have to go to court. You are sure you are going to be sentenced when all of a sudden you are offered an alternative. You are told that someone else has already suffered for your sins and will take the sentence on. This person is not in the court room, neither is he or she still alive. All you have to do is accept this person as your savior and follow his or her holy commands. In other words, you are not responsible for your own horrible actions anymore since someone else is going to take the blame. Thus, you destroy the very essence of morality: being responsible for your own actions. We say that someone can perform those horrific acts and still make it to heaven. How is that fair? How will the little girl that was raped and murdered feel when she meets her rapist in heaven? After all, all he had to do was feed the vanity of a creator who makes arbitrary judgments.
  5. Based on that, God is not nice because he might have accepted people such as Adolf Hitler into heaven. Hitler was raised a Roman Catholic and never renounced his religion. What if, before his death, he fell on his knees and repented? After all, with millions dead his prospects for the afterlife were bleak. Being sincerely scared of hell, I can imagine that he honestly felt sorry and asked for forgiveness and understanding. Could God have denied him based on his own standards?
  6. God is not nice, he is vain. He treats you right if you obey his arbitrary rules. If you don’t you are threatened with eternal punishment. The first three commandments have nothing to do with morality, they only underline Gods vanity. In a nutshell, it doesn’t matter if you live a good life. As long as you accept him as the Supreme Being and worship him to raise his self-esteem you’ll end up in heaven after all. The most obvious story to make this point was his quarrel with the Pharaoh in Egypt before Moses lead the people to Israel. The Pharaoh wanted to let them go but God changed his mind in order to prove who was more powerful. The ten plagues didn’t devastate the Egyptians because of Pharaohs decisions, but because of Gods wrath. In the end, he himself killed all of the firstborns in Egypt – helpless victims that had nothing to do with the quarrel. Oh merciful God…
  7. God is not nice because he neither grants us free will nor free choice. If God can foresee the future and if things in life are predetermined, then there is no such thing as a free will. Things are meant to happen anyway so it is not up to us and our decisions. Also, the whole concept of a free will is a paradox in terms of religion since it was forced upon us by God and since we cannot choose not to have a free will. In addition, we don’t have a free choice. “You can choose to follow God”, is commonly said by apologists in order to make the point that we are all free in our judgment. But how free is such a decision when not being obedient is connected to eternal suffering? It is as absurd as saying to someone from North Korea that they are free to leave the country. Yes, they can make the decision and try to leave, but they will probably die as a consequence. That is not what we would call a free choice, or is it? If God is all-powerful, everything happens in accordance with his will. If things happen for a reason, there can’t be a free will. Or is God not so powerful after all?
  8. God makes people selfish. There are several problems with prayers. One is that I wonder what they are good for. If you believe that God has a plan for you and that things happen for a reason, why would you even bother trying to change that? The other issue I have with prayers is their selfish nature. Sure, many people pray for the well-being of others, but how often do they pray for a raise, or for finding a partner, or for becoming pregnant, etc.? Also, even if you pray for others you do so in order to be a good Christian. After all, big brother is watching and you want to leave a good impression. Bearing that in mind, nothing positive a religious person does can be selfless since they are always doing it for that one ultimate selfish purpose.
  9. There are indigenous people in this world who have never heard about our Gods. The question is: Will they go to heaven or to hell when they die? If God is not nice – and I think he is not – they will all go to hell since they didn’t worship him. As unfair as this decision is, the alternative is unthinkable. If they do go to heaven since they didn’t know any better, it would be reasonable to not tell our children about religion. After all, if they didn’t know any better they couldn’t go to hell. Wouldn’t that be something selfless to do for a change?
  10. The foundation of the whole God business is obedience. He wants to control every single one of our moves, actions, and even thoughts. He is the dick who is telling you what you can and cannot do while not even meeting his own standards. You shall not kill? He has done it many times! You shall love your neighbor? He hates everything that could be competition. You shall not judge others? He is going to judge every single one of us. On earth, we would call that a hypocrite.
  11. God allegedly has the power to prevent evil things from happening – but he chooses not to. If I had those powers, I would save that little girl from being raped and murdered – where God just stands by and watches. Watching innocent creatures being tortured and killed is as sick as it can get. But there is more! The girl has to go through this since our lives are just a challenge to test if we are right for heaven. God knows how we are going to do on that test since he is all powerful and yet he would rather watch an innocent person suffer instead of taking them beforehand, knowing how they would prove themselves. That is one of the most immoral things I can think of. “I will reward you afterwards, but boy do I want to witness that rape!”, says God while his followers worship him as the foundation of objective morality.
  12. God punished the first two people he created for seeking enlightenment and curiosity. Those are qualities that we usually consider as being good. God is not nice because he doesn’t want us to be critical, independent, and curious thinkers. He just wants us to be his mind slaves.



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